Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Finally sold my Soma Riven that I never use but which had some good stats on it. Got 850 plat :smiley:, my patience paid off big time.


Almost forgot, tune into the the live TennoCon show today on Twitch and you get a free Ash Prime incl. slot and potato. Starting time is 6pm EST I think! You just need to have your twitch account linked to your Warframe account! I believe you can do that in your Warframe account on the website (?).

7am tomorrow for me, I might just watch the sumamry as I already own it anyway!


5 minutes before the stream goes live on Twitch for anyone interested…


Wow - that’s very good to see


I spoke too soon - that is RIDICULOUSLY good


Watching the whole thing now . Reactions so far

Some insane deluxe skins, my favourite is probably Titania and Nidus.

The new preview warframe looks stunning, especially after the comparision to Valkyr. I used to use Valkyr 24/7 before my love to Saryn so this might be up my alley ;).

||| Fortuna |||

  • secondary weapons, we kinda knew that
  • MOA PETS, I can build my own moa? NICE, no clue what it does but SWEET
  • more stuff to grind, not a huge fan but thats what it is
  • blueprints for bounties nice,
  • permanent outpost very nice and welcome change meens less loading times
  • FUCKING HOVERBOARDS? Question is are they customisable?
  • really nice details in the enviroment, this “hunting” mode looks a bit cheesy and time consuming but might fun too, also adds some nice world building element
  • METAL gear solid baloons anyone?
  • that enviroment looks even more stunning close up
  • well thosa spider things look much bigger close up … oh wait
  • holy shit that A SPIDER TANK, or a tank spider?
  • now I realise how much larger that area actualy is in that final scene
  • wait what? … multi crew interceptor? STANDING ON TABLE SCREAMING
  • we can … control it?
  • stations…? “Wonders what archwing mode is useful for now…”
  • … boarding parties does that mean we can too? …

This is nuts … holy motherfucking shit, they blew me away, this is ON TOP of the Fortuna expansion? That seemless transition from space combat, to archwing to standard combat is frigging crazy. This will be so much fun!

Natah is that you … or is Lotus still in there?

Oh the icon changed to Umbras icon? Fuck we probably need to wait another year for that story continuation …


I’m very late to the Arca Plasmor party but this weapon is just a superheated, face melting, plasmaball of distruction.

(I’m finally getting playable framerates, previously I was getting in frequent, random drops into single digits despite having settings on the lowest, in the game after dismantling my laptop and giving it a thorough cleaning)


The Plasmor is one of my favourite shotguns. Two others I love right now are the Sobek and Strun Wraith, Kohm to some extent only.

The Plasmor is insane for clearing large mid tier enemy groups (up to around 75ish). The Sobek with its special corrosive proc mod Acid Shells (and the decent Shattering Justice) can be quite a good trade off between group clearer and single shot killer thanks to its semi auto mode up to level 70ishwith a good riven up to 100ish. Still its a armor stripping monster!

The Kohm depends heavily on the riven you get for it but if that one has the right stats its a killer machine. I don’t like it too much as it can run through ammo rather quickly but its group killing potential is immense (if you got punch through on it)!

The Strun Wraith can be a one shot monster and crowd killer, but depends on the riven too. Still really fun to use and the reload makes it quite unique!