War Thunder Update and General Thread


2 days ago I completed 3 YEARS of logins… Thank you @st00kz nd @RoGuE :smiley:

Tomorrow will be 1,100 days!

I’ve been grinding away on the French units now for the last couple of weeks. Finally into a full Tier III lineup and just started on Tier IV. There are some massive jumps in terms of their BR availability, but they have some pretty nifty stuff to be honest. Also, their Tier III light tank is awesome. 67Km/h at BR 3.7? Oh yeah!


Nice one matey.

Yeah I’ve finished the TIII French and have done back to the Yanks to complete all the upgrades they added. Forgot how much fun low tier was :slight_smile:


Low-Tier Frenchies are fucking shite. Utter, useless shite. Slow as treacle, turret speeds of an immobile coconut, armour pen of a rubber duck. Frustrated the hell out of me!

Low-tier generally is epic. Even the Japanese have things made out of papier maché but they hit hard. Yanks are fast as a Raver on ectasy and the germans are just all-round awesome.

I’m still grinding higher-Tier V for the yanks but damn it’s hard to get good kills against some things. The Leopard 2K and Abrams are horrific to go up against, never mind the Stalinium-armoured Ruskies.

There’s only the new Leopard 2A1 left to research for the Germans and they’re finished, again.

Tier III at BR 4.3 is where it’s at I think. It’s such a fun BR to fight at.


Yeah that’s the br I was looking at to play. Keep researching the high tier stuff and take them out for a spin but will keep playing the tier 3 stuff for the fun factor


If you get lucky and are actually the higher BR player in a “4.3” match, the Wirbelwind can utterly annihilate the enemy, so long as you can get past T-34’s, but even they can fall to you if you can get to their side. They’ve changed the ammo loadout though, so that there are no purely APCR round for the Wibbel.


Yeah the bloody wurle. The sound it make s has me running for cover no matter what I’m in. And didn’t know they changed the ammo. That’s interesting


Yeah, they changed the final ammo type from HVAP-T (High Velocity Armour Piercing Tracer) to HVAP-T / API-T (Armour Piercing Incendiary Tracer).

The HVAP has an AP value of about 64mm at 10m. Then again, you have 4 barrels firing off 80 rounds in about 3 seconds, so that’s still alot of firepower.


@st00kz dude, I’m unexpectedly away an extra night. Could you do my login for me please? :slightly_smiling_face:


Today’s one? Yeah np buddy