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What is ZiiP?

We're a gaming community. We're not really a "clan" as such because we don't play in professional organised competitive events. Everything we do is for fun.

Formed in 2004, when the online gaming world was a very different place, our memberbase is mainly made up of hard-working adults who like a blast of online gaming between juggling their family, work & social life.

What do we do?

First and foremost, we play games together. These are mainly PC games – although we're generally open to a bit of anything really. ZiiP goes beyond gaming however — with many members forming close friendships and sharing a variety of non-gaming interests.

ZiiP is a family. We help one and look out for one another. It is the reason why after 10 years, we're still getting drunk with each other every week!

Can I join in?

Of course - We're always looking for new people to join in with us. With such a long standing community it might seem tough sometimes for a new person to join in.

However, we're very welcoming and everyone was new to ZiiP at one time! - Join in with the banter on our forum and teamspeak channel

I'm certain someone will share an interest in a game you like to play. It's all about having fun.

Scroll Down to see some of what we play...

Assetto Corsa Hotlap Challenge

Stock Server Leaderboard

Selected Car & Track

Custom Server Leaderboard

Selected Car & Track


Assetto Corsa Challenge

As part of the ZiiP Gaming Community, the ZiiP Racing Club runs 2 dedicated Assetto Corsa servers that are dynamically linked to our webserver. They record all completed laps automatically and we compile the data to form weekly challenge events.

Participants are automatically entered into the challenge once they provide a clean lap on our server in the date period of the challenge with the specified car and on the appropriate track - Both of which should be preset on the server. You are free to change the applicable setup of the car within the variables provided by the game itself.

ZiiP Server Rules

We monitor both the server datafeed and the server itself to monitor unfair play. These are the rules that we enforce on our server and will result in your details being removed and possibly being banned from future events:

  • No 3rd party modifications that effect the performance of the car beyond what the game intends. Effectively - no hacking game files.
  • Whilst the game detects corner-cutting - any use of a glitch or bug to improve time is considered an offense. - no cheating.
  • In any session other than the RACE session, you should avoid contact or influencing the position, speed or direction of any other vehicle. - Be sportsmanlike.

ZiiP World of Tanks Clan


ZiiP Minecraft Flux Galaxy Server

Here at ZiiP, we run a dedicated Minecraft server running the popular Flux Galaxy modification.

Our server is private and whitelisted for members of the ZiiP community. We're always looking for new members – If you are interested, contact us via our Community Forum.

Flux Galaxy is a collection of modifications that vastly expands the Minecraft Universe. More details are available on the official Flux Galaxy website.

We also recommend using Feed-The-Beast as a means of installing and running the Flux Galaxy mod.