Welcome to the ZiiP Gaming Community

Founded in 2004 by Scottyboy & Jester, ZiiP is a community designed for gamers who like to play in a fun and friendly environment without any stipulation on being good or having particular skills in any area. Our ethos is to play games as the developers intended and this has led to a close community of friends – many with similar interests outside of the gaming world.

As a community we play a variety of different games and genres. Games that are currently popular include WarThunder, World of Tanks, Heroes & Generals, Titanfall, Landmark, Wildstar and Ghost Recon Phantoms as well as many others.

We’re always on the lookout for new players to join us – If you’re over 18+ and enjoy playing games after a hard day at work with a few beers.. come join in.

Some of the Games that we play together…

Heroes & Generals

H&G is a Free-to-play FPS set in WW2 that also combines elements of an RTS to give the feel of playing the entire war, and not just a battle.

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat

War Thunder

War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets.

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armoured warfare.

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat


Build anything you can imagine. A massive variety of materials with realistic physics means that how you build will influence what you build.

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat

Payday 2

Rob banks, steal drugs, wear masks and generally cause a bit of chaos with your friends. What more could you want in a game?

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat

Dayz Standalone

Grab your axe if you have one. Find a nice hat and maybe a small bag, then venture out into the wilds of Cherno in search of… well – anything really.

More Info | Official Website | Forum Chat

Who are ZiiP – Some core members that you might bump into…

DarkJester  -  Director

As the founder of ZiiP, DarkJester is the one to blame when things don’t work right. Since launching the site in 2004, it has gone through many changes – including becoming a Limited Company in its own right, for which James is the sole Director.

James also has a personal hate of writing blurbs about himself in the 3rd person, therefore – I like most types of games, but I generally stick with conventional first person shooters – especially those with a bit of thought behind them like Heroes & Generals and Dayz. I’m also a bit of a nut for simulator games, which usually raises a few eyebrows when I run them on Twitch.

Real Name: James
Favourite Drink:
Best video game played: ToeJam & Earl
Sport most likely to be watching or playing: Formula One
Most likely to be playing on my iPod: Nero

NaloaC  -  Administrator

Like all members of the admin team within ZiiP, NaloaC is invaluable. His ability to keep his finger on the pulse of gaming news, new releases and banter on the gaming-grapevine usually means he knows about stuff before anyone else. This perfectly suits his role as community administrator.

In the real world, Caolan holds a PhD for his amazing knowledge of Wetlands and also has one or two deer that he looks after on his farmstead. He is renowned for reminding vast numbers of people on social media when Friday as arrived (very useful) and is a connoisseur of fine European beers from various quarters.

Real Name: Caolan
Favourite Drink:
Best video game played: HalfLife, probably.
Sport most likely to be watching or playing: Rugby / UFC
Most likely to be playing on my iPod: Fuck Apple