Blood Bowl 2 – Match Video

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I’m not normally one to desire sequels, but with Blood Bowl, I’ll make an exception. After-all, Blood Bowl isn’t like FIFA where you get a new version of the game every 12 months with no real difference but a few updates to the team rosters. So Blood Bowl 2. Published once again by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Cyanide …

JesterBlood Bowl 2 – Match Video
Green Man Gaming Easter Promo

Green Man Gaming launch 7 Day Easter Sale

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Don’t be bored this week as we head towards Easter. Go buy yourself a game or three from Green Man Gaming as they are launching an epic promotion that will not only save you a fortune on quality PC download titles, but will also alleviate any mid-week boredom before the bank holiday. Good stuff GMG! Promotional titles over the next …

JesterGreen Man Gaming launch 7 Day Easter Sale

Contact Vector RTS now on Kickstarters

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Contact Vector caught my eye today as I trawled through the usual press releases and news articles that govern my inbox. Kickstarter projects have sadly had a bit of a rough ride of late – with large projects like Oculus causing anger for being sold to another corporation and other projects failing to deliver on what they had previously promised. …

JesterContact Vector RTS now on Kickstarters

SOE reveals H1Z1 MMO

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Survival games are big business at the moment. With the likes of Dayz and Rust being so popular in the market, it was only a matter of time until one of the big guns in the gaming market decided to have a chunk of the action. Enter Sony Online Entertainment, with H1Z1. The initial unveiling of this game has been …

JesterSOE reveals H1Z1 MMO

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel – announced for end of year release

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To start, I have one thing to say about this announcement: Claptrap will be a playable character!!! – That’s me sold. Take my money Minion! Without typing a repeat of what Mr.Pitchford enthusiastically gets across in the video above, 2K Australia have the pulse on creating a new Borderland title that follows Handsome Jack’s rise to power. With new ideas …

JesterBorderlands: The Pre-sequel – announced for end of year release

The Evil Within – New trailer released

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Bethesda’s forthcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within, has a new trailer to whet your appetite. Well, as long as your appetite is lots of blood and pant-wetting fear. Personally, I do like a good horror game – having recently played the amazing Outlast – I’m eager for more… Developed by Shinji Mikami – who is the man behind Resident …

JesterThe Evil Within – New trailer released

The Last of Us is coming to Playstation® 4

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Ok, to many, news that The Last of Us is coming to PS4 isn’t exactly news of the year or really much of a surprise. Rumours have been floating amidst the gaming boards of the internet for a while now – and afterall, why wouldn’t Sony release one of the best selling games of 2013 on its new funky flagship …

JesterThe Last of Us is coming to Playstation® 4
World of Tanks

Wargaming to continue to invest in eSports through 2014

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With the continued expansion and popularity of its titles – Wargaming has announced a considerable investment, in the region of $10m, into the eSports side of its business for 2014. Reported by GamesIndustry at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, the Wargaming CEO Victor Kisyli gave details on how the World of Tanks had grown substantially over the past two …

JesterWargaming to continue to invest in eSports through 2014

Tropico 5 release date announced

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Kalypso Media has announced a date for the next iteration of the Tropico series, namely, number 5. Fans of the series will be happy to learn that the PC version has been brought forward by around a week from the expected release date and will now grace your PC screens from the 23rd of May. XBOX 360 gamers will have …

JesterTropico 5 release date announced